The ultimate tokenization platform

Blockchain can push your gameplay into overdrive
and bring a whole new level of player engagement.
Waves platform is building an ecosystem for
blockchain-based game development to enable
entirely new in-game economies.



We have prepared a total fund of 1 million WAVES to motivate developers to build their games on the Waves blockchain. We are ready to back suitable game projects financially. If you’re interested, dive into the buildonwaves project description.

Dive deeper

What can blockchain bring to gaming?

Improved in-game metrics

A sense of true ownership to incentivize gamers
to spend more time and money in your games.

Borderless currencies

Expand your game world into a player’s life and blur the
boundaries between in-game currencies and fiat.

Next-generation gameplay

You'll be able to add a real-life value to virtual
items — a unique weapon or armor that has been used by
a winner of a championship can be tokenized and sold.

Fight the grey market

Tokenized items can be traded directly by players,
without a risk of fraud or theft by middlemen.

Why should I use Waves blockchain?

Building your project on Waves blockchain means absolute freedom of complexity,
additional costs, and Gas — only a standard network fee to miners, maintaining Waves blockchain.

Waves blockchain advantages

Waves is designed for easy, safe token creation and management. With dramatically higher
throughput than other leading blockchains, token operations are fast, secure and low cost.

Blockchain platform
Transaction time
0,07 s
0,01 s
Confirmation time
30 s
1–3 s
Transaction cost
$ 0,035 (+ Gas)
$ 0,0045
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We have placed a firm focus on the development of key tools to make blockchain integration easier than ever before and enable you to push the limits of what's possible in your game.

Easy token creation

Waves is the only blockchain where a token is NOT a smart contract, but an ASSET that can be created in a minute without any coding.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Unique, trackable tokens that can be transferred and traded offer a new kind of prestige and opportunities - just like a physical trophy awarded for winning a gaming tournament.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

We are creating an SDK to make blockchain integration easier than ever, enabling developers to plug token operations straight into their games.

White-label exchange

Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX) offers a perfect template for your own marketplace. Rebrand it, assign your own rules to customize your built-in exchange and monetize your items however you want!

Browser plug-in & Mobile wallet

Some games require players to sign a large number of transactions. To make this process smoother we introduce safe one-click approval tools, both on mobile and browser.

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